January 28, 2022

Anti-Bullying Campaign

Recently, there have been a lot of articles in the press about bullying recently, from Harry and Megan, to Greta Thunberg to politicians being bullied by parliament and the public. People are beginning to become aware that bullying isn’t a contemporary issue – it’s a problem that should not be accepted. No one should be judged by others, because of their age, race, sexuality, how they look or for their beliefs.

The anti-bullying ambassadors attended an extremely beneficial anti-bullying training course, last year in Bradford. First and foremost, they see their role as raising awareness about bullying in a school context, as well as supporting people who are being bullied. They are trying to make people more aware of the huge impact bullying can have on mental health, self-esteem and future prospects.

So far, they have delivered assemblies; spoken to the staff of Ilkley Grammar School at a staff meeting, run a stall at Open Evening, run various fund-raising events and a poster campaign, have set up the very first Kindness Awards, and they are now working on an anti-bullying publication. For this publication, they have interviewed famous authors and celebrities such as Alistair Campbell, Holly Smale, Amalia Abraham and Paul Mason, and have also received amazing answers to their questions from Simon Armitage, Janet Ellis, Genevieve Carver and Lara Prescott.

As a feature in the publication, the anti-bullying team would also love to have some work from you, students of IGS. This is why they are running a creative writing and poetry competition on the topic of bullying. If this is something you are interested in then following creations would be much appreciated:

  • A poem – from a perspective of your choice
  • A short story – again, from any perspective of your choice. It could even have a moral!
  • A letter of advice to a victim of bullying/a bully
  • A comic strip that addresses bullying and ways to seek help.

If you would like to email you entry, you can do so by emailing Miss Parmar at india.parmar@ilkleygs.co.uk. Alternatively, if you would like to submit a physical copy then please drop it into Mrs. Walsh at the KS4 Hub. Your entry will be kept completely anonymous unless you request your name to be shown.

The deadline is Friday 17th January.

The anti-bullying team are looking forward to reading your entries!

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