January 28, 2022

Are You Eco-Friendly?

You may ask yourself: “How can I have a positive impact on future generations?”

It’s simple – understand the benefits of becoming eco-friendly. If we are planning on turning this around and protecting our planet, we will need your help. The first thing we must understand is that the Earth provides us with plenty of renewable resources which can fuel all energy sources for all living things. Additionally, by making use of these renewable resources rather than climate-damaging ones, we can reserve our supplies.

Following on, if we don’t adapt and change our ways of life, it could potentially damage those who are to endure and inhabit our Earth in years to come. Despite our happy lives, the Earth as we know it is slowly fading right before our eyes. If we do not step in soon, there could be fatal consequences. For example, if air pollution is not controlled by the year 2030 our air could become so poisonous that we will need an oxygen kit to just breathe normally.

Don’t worry, it is not too late to do something! Simple changes in our lifestyles can make a huge difference: if we walk or ride our bikes instead of driving, turning off lights when they are not needed, or even just changing our light bulbs to energy-efficient bulbs could help us. This, however, isn’t the only problem; if we do not stop littering our crisps packets, sweet packets, plastic bags, or bottles this will affect our biological environment. The continued use of plastics in the fast-food industry and other retail outlets has continued to contribute to the build-up of non-biodegradable waste of which we can not dispose of. Recycling has become an ever more common way to dispose of household waste, without impacting the planet.

Not only that, the more we continue to make the facilities available for people to recycle their waste and educate them on the systems of the earth, the safer and healthier our world will be. `In our household, we make a point of recycling everything to not only minimize general waste collections but also to make sure these precious resources can be put to good use over and over. In this way, we can continue to make all household necessities available whilst minimising the impact upon the planet. Our generations must provide a safe foundation for the next one.

Everyone should do their bit! What are you doing for the environment? Share your stories and photos with us by emailing igsnews@ilkleygs.co.uk

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