January 28, 2022

Review: Doctor Who, S12 E1

Doctor who: New Year’s Day review

The start of 2020 brought many new and controversial things to the screen, but for ‘Whovians’ it was all about the debut episode of the new Doctor Who series. As last year left some fans disappointed, writer Chris Chibnall was going to have to up his game to get a better reaction. 

After the tense introduction, with the image of the Moscow spy’s shocked face still lingering in our minds, the start seemed to drag on a bit, understandably, since the three companions all needed their own preface. However, once they arrived at MI6 (disappointingly, not the iconic U.N.I.T) the story really started to take off. 

Then the abrupt death of C and the first encounter with the Kassavin (combined with the jump scare before the dramatic theme tune) started to make this episode look extremely promising. Now everyone was just hoping this new, menacing monster didn’t transpire to be without malicious intent.

The episode progresses with the apparent former associate of the doctor, Oh (Sacha Dhawan), and the suspect billionaire and creator of VOR, Daniel Barton (Lenny Henry) introduced into the story and taking centre stage. The plot thickens and creates a lot of tension as fans were glued to their seat. The sheer amount of action unfolding before our eyes was unbelievable and a massive improvement from the last series. Fans have been left wondering what actually happened to Yasmin Karn (Mandip Gill) as she was transported to unknown territory, and why Mr. Barton was only 93% human, and yet there were more mysteries to come. 

This episode really seemed to bring Jodie Whittaker out as an actor and as the doctor herself as she gave a fantastic performance which was just what we were looking for in the new series. The action and mystery increased and the performances from the cast were just exceptional. It all takes a massive twist when they board the plane and discover that Oh is the master. Fans erupted and immediately the new master was an absolute hit. As the plane is about to crash, the master and the Kassavin transport to another dimension, leaving the episode to end on an epic cliffhanger that very much left us wanting more. Overall, this is a very exciting and rewarding episode and is just what we were looking for.

I give this episode 4.5 stars out of 5.

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