January 28, 2022

Fashion Focus

A ‘nod’ to The Beauty of Fashion

I am not interested in fashion; or at least I thought I wasn’t until I read an article in IGS News, titled The Beauty of Fashion.

This article got me thinking about fashion in a different light. I realised that as mentioned in the article that you do not have to follow the latest trends or buy different clothes every week, you simply just have to see what you like and don’t like. Recently, I have started to look at what celebrities wear on tv, actors, and actresses in the media, and everyday members of the public when I am walking through town.

I am now constantly looking at and drawn to articles about celebrities’ wardrobes; my current favourites are Amanda Holden, Holly Willoughby, Sophie Raworth, and by far my favourite, Kate Middleton.

I noticed that men’s fashion ‘trends’ seem generally quite boring (maybe because it’s typically less talked about in the media) and very similar to each other. Whereas women’s fashion is a lot more interesting, there is a lot more room for expression and choice, with lots of colours available and many different styles and outfits. There are also plenty of accessories available to pair with outfits that men’s fashion seems to lack, these include: jewellery, sunglasses, handbags scarves and of course, high heels.

I agree with the author of The Beauty of Fashion that dresses are an amazing staple as there are so many different styles which suit every occasion – from prom dresses to casual dresses and everybody can look find a style they look fabulous in. However, I do think that skirts are also just as essential as you can pair them with almost anything and there are many different styles such as: a – line, mini, midi and pencil.

My favourite accessory is, surprisingly, nail polish; there are so many different colours that you can choose to express yourself, your mood, or even to match an outfit. There are also different styles and if you are unhappy with your nails you can get gel or acrylic nail extensions to make them longer and look nicer.

As we approach the colder months, the flowery dresses, flip flops, and polished toenails will disappear and will be replaced with jumpers, tights and boots; this is my favourite time of year for fashion as there are so many different styles of boots out there from ankle boots, heeled ankle boots, UGG boots, knee-high boots and thigh-high boots. We may also see leather skirts, leather trousers and gorgeous coats, scarves, and jackets. I am looking forward to seeing what celebrities wear in the coming months and the new trends that may be introduced for Winter 2020.

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