January 28, 2022

Friday Night Live at Ilkley Moor Vaults

The Friday that the talented youth of Ilkley Grammar school and its sixth form descended on Ilkley Moor Vaults was a very special Friday night indeed. With Indie Rock and Folk bouncing off every wall, it was hard not to feel the youthful energy, passion and pride that these musicians encapsulated.

With such a large and dynamic selection of young musicians, we were not able to see them all but decided to focus on those beginning to make waves in the world of streaming; The Wire men, Growth Spurt, and Jazz. These bands wore their hearts on their sleeves and threw them into the audience via their music.

The Wire Men is a female fronted five piece that includes a saxophone as a key piece of their instrumentation however, they do not allow these stand out features to take control of their music choice, No Blondie or John Coltrane was heard that night, instead they perfectly engineer a female voice and woodwind sound and dynamics into belting rock ballads such as Kings of Leon’s Sex on fire. With two singles already making up their SoundCloud discography we are feverish to hear again from the Wire men.

The youngest group to be seen at Ilkey Friday Night Live (IFNL) was Jazz whose front man, Ben Redman, is currently in year ten at Ilkley Grammar School. For Jazz the crowd became an angst-fueled block of energy, who’s energy was most definitely tapped by the band and returned in an infinite spiral of excitement. Straight away Front man Ben’s sporting of a dark ‘The Exorcist’ tee gave a roguish quality to his stage presence that was only backed up by the howling lyrical performances and DIY attitude to performance from the whole group. Jazz state that they are “looking forward to what the future holds” and after seeing them play Friday night live, as are we. Jazz’s music can be found on Bandcamp.

Last but far from least is Growth Spurt, a band who’s name perfectly embodies what 2019 represented for the group.  The members of Growth Spurt are in their final year of Secondary school and have released their single ‘Bedroom’ in February, played live at the all-important Extinction rebellion movements in Leeds in July, and have taken part in many a battle of the bands/acts throughout the year. Having such achievements under their belts it’s no surprise that Growth Spurt put on a mighty show of indie rock at the Vaults, their jangly guitar tones creating a wall of electronic sound to be shaken by the spasmodically pounding drums. If you are a fan of Indie punk such as PUP and mom jeans you are likely to get along comfortably with Growth Spurts discography.

To Conclude, This Friday night live was a show of pure and unfiltered energy not just thanks to fantastic musicians but an animated and involved crowd of youthful budding music fans. We would like to thank Ilkley Moor Vaults for hosting such events. It is events like this that, in a time of political and belief-orientated divide, not only bring the community together but help it grow and thrive.

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