January 28, 2022

Gaming: Console vs. PC

Today we look at the ongoing argument of whether PC or Console is better to game on; both hold compelling arguments – but which will win?

Console gamers say that their platform is better because you have console-specific games such as; God of War, Spiderman, games like The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Although, it can’t be ignored that all Xbox exclusives are now on PC. Consoles are also a lot smaller and lighter, making them portable, especially the Nintendo Switch. The main advantage of consoles; they are a lot cheaper than PCs. However, a disadvantage of consoles would be that most of the time they require a game disc or cartridge, which can’t be easily upgraded, meaning you would have to buy a brand new console.

As you would expect, PC gamers say that consoles are inferior. Unfortunately, PC doesn’t have as many well-known exclusive games, but what they lose in game titles, they make up for in graphics. The high-end PCs have graphic cards that trump the graphics card in any console. Nonetheless, there is always a downside: price! The top PCs are extremely expensive – to get the best performance from a gaming PC, you are looking to pay around £4000 (that’s a lot of pocket money)!

In my opinion, I think PC gaming is superior to console gaming, due to the better graphics and a more variety of games to play on PC – but no coin is without two sides, and this years-long debate will surely continue for a long time.

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