January 28, 2022

Halloween In A Lockdown


As if we haven’t had enough scary things this year, Halloween is around the corner too. But this year, it’s going to be very different. No trick or treating, no going to parties, no going out with friends, doesn’t sound like fun at all really! However, even if we can’t celebrate Halloween the way we usually do, there are still so many amazing ways that you can in your own home! In this article we will be telling you about some really fun and exciting ways that you and your family (or even your friends over the phone) can do to celebrate Halloween together in 2020.

What can you do?

Now, we all know that carving a pumpkin and filling your windows with fake spider webs are two things that you expect to see on Halloween, so what else can you in your own home do this year for Halloween?

One idea for the people who love to bake is you can make some sort of Halloween themed food. This might be a batch of some orange chocolate cupcakes with a spider made of icing on top, or you could make a large lemon drizzle cake with a cute fondant pumpkin on the side; you could even try for a blood-red cake (Red Velvet) decorated with your best Halloween sweets. If all else fails, you could even create a simple pumpkin pie so you are still in the festive spirit. There are so many different and delicious ways of celebrating Halloween with food and I’m sure you can do these at home. You could even call up your friend and have a bake-off with them!

Another amazing way to keep up with Halloween, for the gamers, is to try and play some spooky/horror-themed games with your friends; there are so many great horror games out there and I’m sure you and your friends would easily be able to find one that takes your interest.

Finally, you could simply watch some scary movies or programs on TV. I would recommend the new spooky series by Mike Flannigan: The Haunting At Bly Manor. This is a prequel to his first horror series, The Haunting At Hill House. These are a great binge for Halloween night if you want a scare in your own home. However, I highly suggest having the lights on when you watch it because it can get very… very scary! Horror series’ not your thing?You could always revisit some classics like: The Shining, The Nightmare on Elm Street, Alien, The Conjuring and many more – make use of your Netflix account!


Before we leave you, we just want to say that we hope you all have a very Happy Halloween, filled with lots of sweets, chocolate, games, movies and fun times with your family and friends. Thank you for reading! Happy Halloween once again and stay safe!

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