January 28, 2022

Photo credit: Maxen Matthews

‘Joseph’ – A Technicoloured Success!

This year’s school production of “Joseph” was a brightly colour, flamboyantly brilliant success! Huge congratulations are in order for all the cast, back stagers, set designers, musicians and other the members of the crew behind this amazing play, performed from the 27th – 29th November 2019. The show was such a staggering success, Friday night was entirely sold out!  

Every audience member, teaching staff included, were very impressed and have been quoted saying “A truly wonderful performance of Joseph tonight to a sell-out crowd and ending with a standing ovation. Well done all!” As well as “Wow an incredible performance of Joseph tonight by the amazingly talented students at Ilkley Grammar School, you kids were phenomenal!” 

While the performances didn’t go without a few technical hiccups, you wouldn’t have known from the professionalism of the cast and crew – they kept composure throughout every performance. A hard task when your friends are singing in a French accent or dancing around the stage dressed as Elvis Presley. No show would be complete without the live orchestra that we at IGS are so lucky to have for our performances – they were a true highlight of every night.  

We asked some of the cast and crew what their favourite moments from the show were: some say that the Ingleborough trip from 21st – 23rd November 2019 which saw a massive conga line wind its way around the hall. While and others say that their favourite moment was seeing Joseph, played by Miles Sexton, riding down the aisle on his “Chariot” of gold, aka a gold scooter!  

As many of the comments above indicate this is going to be an extremely hard performance to top! 

Many members of the cast and crew say that they are feeling at a “loose end” now this truly wonderful experience has ended. 

Here’s to many more amazing shows by the extremely talented and professional creative arts department!  

We cannot wait to see what they have in store for us next year and can only thank the staff and students for, year after year, gracing the school with memorable and exhilarating performances!  

A last word from the wonderful Mrs Ramrattan: 

We are so proud of all of the students involved in the production. They were a joy to work with and created a truly AMAZING show.

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