October 16, 2021

Review: Inside No. 9. S5, E1 – The Referee’s A…

This dark comedy is the first of the new series of Inside Number 9. Every episode explores an idea that, somehow, involves a number 9. From my experience, all episodes are incredibly gripping and will leave you grasping for more as you reach that penny-drop moment at the end of every episode.

With writers Pemberton and Shearsmith taking on acting roles themselves and co-stars Ralf Little and David Morrissey the perfect episode was set.

This episode was undoubtedly brilliant! Shearsmith and Pemberton have done it again, they have managed to kick off the new season with a bang. This episode was about a football final and started with your average and completely ordinary football game,  we saw the referees getting ready for the biggest game of their lives. Except, of course, not all is as it seems when a deep secret is revealed at half time. The series allows you to become embroiled in this world, allowing the penny to finally drop in the closing scenes of the episode.

No spoilers here though, you’ll have to watch it to find out what happens!

I give this episode a well-deserved 5 out of 5 stars

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