January 28, 2022

Review: Winter Love Island 2020

Love Island 2020 started January 12th, and I was so excited for it to begin because last year was really good. When the show came on there was a different presenter. I was really confused as she can’t present as well as Caroline Flack. The new presenter (Laura Whitmore) seemed quite nervous to present.

The people, as expected, started to come onto the Island in Jeeps, which I found really cool and a good way to start off the show; first came the girls and second came the boys.

When the coupling came around I was intrigued to see who picked who, because when it started it was really blunt and bland – it was quite boring while the coupling was happening.

As the show progressed, it started to become more interesting. The show started to bring in some drama (no spoilers) which is really good for the viewers. One of my favourite girls is Sophie because she has a really good personality and she isn’t very argumentative and she smiles through everything. One of my favourite lads is Callum, he’s really sweet and he’s quite fit. My favourite couple is Mike and Leanne because they got split up and still found a way to make it work with each other. Overall, I think you should go give it a watch but personally last years is better (so far).

We are looking forward to watching the drama unfold!

So far, I give this season of Love Island 3 out of 5 stars.

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