January 28, 2022

The US election: The Bad and The Good

Warning: This article contains my own political opinion and is not in any way meant to disregard those of others, I am merely demonstrating my views on the topic.

If you have paid even the remotest of attention to the news, you will know America just had an election, and we need to talk about it.  It all started on the night of the 3rd of November. Vote tallies overnight were showing Trump ahead in some swing states by more than 10%, and panic levels in the US and across the world rose exponentially. However, over the course of the next week, amidst ridiculous claims of voter fraud and official impropriety, the votes were counted, and the final results started to properly trickle in, and over the course of the week, rather than going out with a bang, the Trump administration was more slowly euthanised by cold, hard numbers and statistics. Just as he fell backside first into the Presidency, his Presidency has died with just as much dignity.  

In most states where Trump had an early lead, the so-called ‘red mirage’ states, Trump immediately started tweeting and flailing to stop the rest of the votes from being counted, but as soon as he was behind in a state, he was suddenly fine with counting every vote, something exemplified by the differences in the chants in Pennsylvania, where enraged Trumpists yelled ‘STOP THE COUNT’ but in Arizona, they yelled ‘COUNT THE VOTES’. And, in fact, just this morning (13th November), it was announced by the Federal Election Commission that this election had been fairly normal (a first in 2020), with no Machiavellian fraud plots, no anarchist rioters stopping the count and there wasn’t a crowd of Democratic activists gathered in Mr. A. Leftist’s living room to fill out millions of fraudulent mail-in ballots.  

Yes, Donald Trump is America’s latest President-Reject. It is always him, always him that is the victim. Everyone is out to get him. Whenever he talks about anyone, and how they were, it is always in relation to how they treated him. ‘They are being so unfair to me’. He is a loser, and seeing him being so undignified, so bitter in defeat is somewhat liberating, given the last 4 years. No more, Mr. Trump, no more. The adults are in the room now, and they’ll send the Secret Service to turf you out if they must. I never actually thought that I would be this excited about Joe Biden winning an election. To hell with it, slow and sleepy wins the race.  

The contrast between the President Reject and the President-Elect is immense. Biden’s victory speech tells all. ‘Science, humanity, truth’. No personal attacks, no calling anyone fake news – it was actually pretty normal. Biden is a breath of fresh air, he’s certainly not going to solve all the world’s problems and he won’t be a panacea for Trumpism. He’s definitely part of ‘the cure’ however, part of it is a cultural change in American society and within the Republican Party. Trump is a symptom of what normal means, and normal, it seems in America, means a crisis in which people like him can prevail. I can only hope that over the next 4 years, progressive activists are ready and waiting to push Biden towards reforming the system, creating a new normal where unity, sanity, compassion, and caring for others prevail and where the Trumpist values of division, scorn, egoism, and greed, can no longer be kept alive. Trump was not a flash in the pan, he was not an anomaly. People like Trump occupying the highest offices in the world are a symptom of our failings as participants in democracy, and I hope that you can all agree that we need to see to it that this never happens again.  

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